Steps To Make A Blog

Step 1. Sign up with

Step 2. Choose topic of your blog

Step 3. Get visitors to your blog

Click  Here  to go to 

Sign in with your gmail email and password.

Type your display name, check box to accept terms, continue, 

Write Blog title (The name you want your blog to have )

Give blog address, Replace example with your business name, check availability till it says available. Remember your blog address which is your website url asked to apply the programs viz. Ads4Indians ,PayPerPost , Adsense

continue choose template (you can choose it later on also) Start blogging- Now you are ready with blog.

Choosing a Niche (Topic) for your Website

Well begun is half done. This is the first step towards earning online and You need to be very careful about deciding to choose the proper Topic / subject / business which you want to establish, i.e you must choose a topic which you have some  knowledge or interest you are going to establish online.

The proper method of choosing a niche is to evaluate your interests, hobby, profession - whatever you love to do. Just draw out a list of your interests and choose one.

If you are good in making clothes, do not try to choose a topic of making furniture. Broadly what I want to convey to you is that you should not pose a different from what actually are. As every time you may have to make changes in the content of your website. Write more pages or make the content interesting and effective for visitors which is easier only when you choose the topic which suits you the best. What ever you are in, you must choose specifically that very niche to establish. It will make your path easy and go ahead without any hurdles

Once you choose the niche, the next step is to create the content. Write more and more about the subject. Do some research on the subject by visiting articles of your interested subject . The best material is always available on the net itself. Make as many pages as you can on the subject and deliver a good content to visitors to keep them visiting your site.

Keep posting as many as new posts you can. Remember not to be dependent on ready made articles to be pasted on your blog, instead try to write in your own words so that you can make changes any time you want to do so. In the beginning you can copy and paste the articles from articlecity. (The articles posted here are copy righted and you are advised to paste them on your blog along with the author`s name and circulation body which is in the terms of use ) 

Tip: On your blog click new post, copy the heading / subject of article to the title and then the body portion again must have the title at the top. once done, click on publish post. (Do not copy the google ads along the body - copy the text portions only - carefully and post it on your blog.

You must be very particular about what types of articles to paste on your blog (you can change the order of your posts on your blog) 

There is much what can be done to make your blog attractive and featured. Just take some time to browse the help and tools of your blog and try to make it wonderful.


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